Pricing Your Transit ServicesPDF
Service Delivery AlternativesPDF
Peer Group and BenchmarkingPDF
Visualizing TransitPDF


Preparing for Mobile Data ComputersPresentation on how Mobile Data Computers can be incorporated into a transit system's business practices and workplace culture.PDF


Assistance with the FTA Section 5311(f) Intercity Bus ProgramDuring the past three years ITRE has assisted NCDOT/PTD to conduct an assessment of intercity bus needs and to develop recommendations for new services to receive federal and state funding assistance. The purpose of this task order was to provide assistance to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Public Transportation Division (NCDOT/PTD) for its Intercity Bus Program. This report summarizes the activities that were conducted, in approximately chronological order. PDF
Benefits Of Transit Information graphicPDF
Statewide ReportsExamples showing State Wide Operating and Financial Statistics ReportsImage


Summary PDF

Urban PDF

Van Pool PDF
The Urban Rural Split Documents the process by which those community transportation systems that operate in urbanzied areas are designated and allocated funding through Federal 5311 and 5307 funds.Estimates Spreadsheet

What 5311 Funding Means for North Carolina Community Transportation SystemsDiscusses the meaning, purpose and intention of the Section 5311 Federal funding program. Also addresses key definitions in the section regarding public transportation and the responsibilities of 5311 funded transportation services. PDF
ITRE Transit Technical Assistance Program HighlightsPDF
"North Carolina
Community Transportation System
Technology Implementation Planning"
This plan provides guidance on when money should be budgeted by the state and the local transit agencies. Because there are prerequisites for most of these technologies, this plan should be used to help the transit agencies meet the requirements of each technology before the technologies are funded.PDF
Vehicle Utilization DataA series of Excel sheets offering specific Vehicle Utilization Data for certain select time periods. This data contains information on each system and the routes that each system runs including the runs, time, odometer, passengers, amount billed and many other facets of vehicle trips. Daily PDF

Peak PDF

Route PDF

Vehicle and System Spreadsheet

August Spreadsheet

August Spreadsheet 2


Benchmarking Guidebook for North Carolina
Urban Transportation Systems
The Guidebook is to assist community transportation system managers benchmark the performance of their transit system.PDF
Benchmarking Guidebook for North Carolina Community Transportation SystemsThe Guidebook is to assist community transportation system managers benchmark the performance of their transit system.PDF
Evaluation of Optimal Fleet Type and Size for Community Transportation Systems The purpose of this report was to develop a tool, such as a spreadsheet, that can be used by the NCDOT/PTD, CT systems, and consultants when assessing CT system fleets.PDF
Benefits of Transit in North CarolinaNorth Carolina’s transit systems serve over 77.8 million passenger trips annually, benefiting both the state’s transit customers and the overall economy. In the absence of transit, customers would be required to travel using other (often more-costly) modes, or forego their intended trip altogether. This study estimates the benefits transit provides to its customers and to the state’s economy.PDF
Applying Structured Scheduling to Increase Performance in Rural Demand-Response TransportationThis research explains how to establish structured rural demand-response transportation service and enumerates its benefits through a case study consisting of actual service data. The case study shows a reduction in service miles by 27 percent due to implementation of structured scheduling.PDF


ITRE Rate Setting ModelSpreadsheet
PTD Annual Op Stats FY14 Flat FilesExcel Spreadsheets showing OpStats DatabaseCT Finance

Monthly CT

Monthly Urban


Urban Finance

Van Pool
ITRE Transit Philosophy SurveyPDF
Business Practices QuestionnairePDF
Hyde Performance Plan 01/18/2012 (Example)Example: A performance plan created for Hyde County Transit that illustrates the purpose and process of performance plan creation.PDF
NC DOT Community Transportation Advanced Technology Funding Application1 Doc

3 Doc

3A Doc

3B Doc

3C Doc

3D Doc

3E Doc

3F Doc

99 Doc
GIS Data Collection Formatting SpreadsheetsExcel Spreadsheets showing the proper format for delivering GIS data for analysis.CTS Spreadsheet

RM Spreadsheet



2010 Public Transportation Systems and MPO/RPO RegionsImage
Rural NTD Reporters Impacted by Urbanized AreaImage
Urban NTD reporter 20131008Image
Eastern NC Urbanized Areas in 2010Image
Western NC Urbanized in 2010Image