Rail transportation plays a vital role in North Carolina’s economy and mobility, as it offers safe and efficient options for moving significant quantities of passengers and freight and connects many other modes.

ITRE has conducted various research projects on rail-related topics such as the economic impact of rail, driver behavior at rail crossings, and pedestrian trespassing in railroad rights-of-way.

Our work supports the efforts of the NCDOT Rail Division, Federal Railroad Administration, and local transit authorities to improve rail service in North Carolina and beyond.

Rail Projects

The city skyline of Charlotte looms over a rail yard with multiple train cars stored on several tracks

A-STEP (Achieving Sustainable Train Energy Pathways)

A-STEP is a first-of-its-kind, integrated, open-source software tool aimed at guiding freight rail decarbonization decision-making

Thermal camera view of three people running across a railroad track

Pedestrian Trespassing in Railroad Rights-of-Way

Learn more: NCDOT rail trespass project


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