Economic Impact of NC Airports

  • 2016 Economic Impact of Airports in North Carolina. Produced by ITRE for the NCDOT Division of Aviation, this report illustrates how NC airports play a vital role in our state transportation system, linking North Carolina to the global economy and generating significant economic activity, commerce, and tourism.
  • Economic Contribution of North Carolina Airports. Compiled from the 2016 study data, this document provides a one-page report for each of North Carolina’s 72 publiclyowned airports summarizing the airport’s direct, indirect and induced economic benefits. The document is alphabetized by airport code.
  • “The Economic Impact of North Carolina’s Airports”. This 6-minute video highlights the economic benefits of North Carolina’s publicly-owned airports.


Airport Marketing Toolkit

There is lasting and far reaching value in telling your airport’s story frequently and with strategic purpose. The resources listed below provide best practice communication and marketing strategies that can help airports of any size, even those with small or non-existent marketing budgets.

  • Telling Your Airport’s Story
    This document will help you begin telling your airport’s story by guiding you through creating a basic communication plan. Follow the steps—you will discover new communication channels and learn to use them to spread your message. You can tell a compelling story for a low initial investment!

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • The ITRE Aviation Team is a nationally recognized leader in UAS integration into the National Airspace System, with over 800 UAS flights and 200 hours of flight time to date. The team works with the NCDOT Division of Aviation, the FAA, and industry partners to make UAS operations routine, safe, and accepted activities. Contact ITRE for UAS consultation, research and flight services, and training offerings.
  • Operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems in North Carolina. Visit the NCDOT Division of Aviation website to find information and guidelines for piloting Commercial, Government, and Recreational drones across the state. Link from this site to helpful documents, FAQs, permit requirements, and other resources for safe, responsible UAS operation.
  • ACRP Report 144: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at Airports: A Primer. This report from TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) provides airports of all sizes with information about UAS and their potential use and impact on airports. The report includes a glossary of key terms, a background on the current state of UAS operations, their costs and benefits to airports, regulatory and community considerations, infrastructure and operational considerations, safety and security issues, and more.
  • FAA Safety Briefing for May/June 2017. This issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on UAS with feature articles answering the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of UAS operations, including the regulatory and technical challenges they present.


Airport Pavement Management System (APMS)

This NCDOT Division of Aviation APMS web application provides a central location to store and display pavement-related data and inspection results for publicly owned airports in the state. State agencies, municipalities, authorities, and airport managers can use this application in prioritizing pavement projects and decision-making about construction, maintenance and funding.


TRB Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Resources

Follow the links below and visit for more details on these resources from ACRP.


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