NC Airport Leadership and Management Program (ALMP)

ALMP is a series of 12 training and continuing education courses designed for new and experienced NC airport officials, managers and staff. Developed by the NCDOT Division of Aviation and NC AirTAP, most ALMP courses are offered as in-person classes with some as on-demand, self-guided instruction. View/download the the ALMP informational flyer for more about the program.

Upcoming and past course offerings are listed below. Registration fees are $30 in-person and $20 on-demand per course except where noted. Contact Tom Zajkowski, 919-515-8523, for more information.

  • Course 1: Airport Rules and Regulations, Minimum Standards, and Legal Issues; held March 8, 2022 at Guilford Technical Community College; next offering to be announced. This 1-day course introduces participants to the numerous federal, state, and local regulations that apply to airport operations in North Carolina. Presentation includes an interactive workshop for participants to work on reviewing and revising their airport’s Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards documents.
  • Course 2: Airport Administration and Governance, in-person, coming October 2022, location and date to be announced. This 1-day course focuses on different ways airports can be organized and governed. Participants will also learn how their local airport fits into the national and state airport systems, and understand the many responsibilities of operating an airport.
  • Course 3: Airport Operations and Maintenance; held May 17, 2022 at NC State’s McKimmon Center; next offering to be announced. This 1-day course addresses the broad and diverse range of activities required to operate and maintain an airport. Participants will examine how airport managers and staff can efficiently keep their airport running smoothly.
  • Course 4: Airport Funding and Finance, first offered May 2019; next offering to be announced.  This 1-day course addresses how proper funding and financing of an airport is critical to maintaining safe and efficient operations. Participants will examine aspects of funding and financing for airport operations, maintenance and construction.
  • Course 5: Airport Safety and Security; held August 3, 2022 at Stanly County Airport/New London Air National Guard Base; next offering to be announced. This 1-day course explores how airport managers can counter physical and cyber threats to their airport and potential liability. Instructors will work with participants to identify updates to their Emergency Action and Security Plans.
  • Course 6: Airport Planning and Environmental, first offered February, 2020; next offering to be announced. This 1-day course addresses how proper planning can improve airport operations and prepare the airport for the future. Participants will learn about planning elements and tools, how to include interested parties in the planning process, and keeping your airport’s growth sustainable and environmentally sound.
  • Course 7: The Fixed Based Operator, on-demand, is now open for registration. This self-paced, online course examines the role of a FBO, its services and management options, and how to create a good customer service climate at the airport.
  • Course 8: Airport Public Relations and Communications, on-demand, coming soon. This self-paced, online course discusses how to create and update communication, marketing and public relations plans for the airport.
  • Course 9: Airport Design and Construction, first offered January 2021; next offering to be announced. This 1-day, live instruction course examines the many aspects of airport design and construction including architecture, engineering, environmental issues and program management.
  • Course 10: Airport Leadership and Management Skills, first offered April 2021; next offering to be announced. This 1-day, live instruction course presents concepts, tools and techniques for building success as an airport manager. Course fee is $40 which includes online access to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment.
  • Course 11: Future Airport Opportunities, first offered July 2021; next offering to be announced. This 1-day, live instruction course offers strategies for managing the technological paradigm shifts facing airports today and in the near future. 
  • Course 12: The Airport Consultant, first offered November 2021; next offering to be announced. This 1-day, in-person course examines the role of the airport consultant in North Carolina and the relationships between the Airport Sponsor, the Consultant, and the NCDOT Airport Project Manager.


Managing Wildlife Hazards at Airports

The NCDOT Division of Aviation has a new service agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to resume its Wildlife Management Program in 2021-2022. The program provides virtual and regional training sessions to help NC airport staff manage wildlife that can pose serious threats to airport safety. The service agreement also includes “quick-response” direct-management activities (e.g., wildlife harassment program, direct removal of wildlife, etc.) for airports experiencing wildlife hazards.

See below for training dates and locations. For training questions and quick-response support for a wildlife hazard, contact program manager Robert Jackson,, 919-814-0585.

  • November 9, 2021 — Virtual Training
  • January 12, 2022 — at Kinston Regional Airport
  • March 16, 2022 — at Smith Reynolds Airport
  • May 18, 2022 — at Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport
  • July 13, 2022 — at Hickory Regional Airport


EBS/PC User Training Workshop

The NCDOT Division of Aviation Grants Team conducted in June 2019 a training workshop for airport sponsors on how to use the EBS/PC online system. The workshop materials can be found at this link and used for reference while a new EBS training manual is in development. Contact the Grants Team at for more information.


Airport Fueling Operations Workshop

NC AirTAP offers a half-day workshop covering fueling facts, safety, equipment inspection, and best practices. Open to NC airport managers, operations and maintenance staff, and consultants, the workshop includes classroom presentations and on-field demonstrations.

Upcoming workshops are listed below. The workshop is offered at no cost, lunch is provided, and advance registration is required. Contact Tom Zajkowski, 919-515-8523, for more information.

  • The next offering of this workshop is to be announced.


    Airport Minimum Standards (NCAA Presentation)

    NC AirTAP and the NC Division of Aviation hosted a general session of the 2018 NC Airports Association conference previewing the Airport Management & Leadership training curriculum to be launched in Summer 2018. The training is being developed for seasoned, new, and future airport managers. The session included an introductory presentation on Airport Minimum Standards by attorney Keith Merritt of Hamilton Stephens Steele + Martin, PLLC.


    Airport Safety and Maintenance Workshop

    NC AirTAP offers a 1-day workshop for NC airport managers, operations and maintenance staff, and consultants. Presenters include staff from the NCDOT Division of Aviation, Raleigh-Durham (RDU) and Charlotte Douglas (CLT) airports. Participants receive a certificate, and NC Professional Engineers are awarded four professional development hours (4 PDH) for completing the workshop.

    Workshop topics and links to download presentation materials from the most recent workshop held at Shelby–Cleveland County Regional Airport are listed below:

    Upcoming workshop locations and dates are to be announced. For more information about the workshop, contact Tom Zajkowski, 919-515-8523,


    Creating a Clear Vision with Your Airport Layout Plan

    NC AirTAP and the NC Division of Aviation hosted a general session of the 2017 NC Airports Association conference addressing the value and components of a well-written Airport Layout Plan (ALP). Division staff shared new guidance including forms to help airport sponsors through the ALP process. The session also featured an expert panel from the public and private sector discussing their experiences with the benefits of thoughtful airport planning through ALP development.


    Independent Fee Estimates and Analysis

    NCDOT Division of Aviation staff presented an “Overview of Independent Fee Estimates and Analysis” at the NC Airports Association regional meetings in June 2016. This presentation was a follow-up to the QBS session at the 2016 NCAA conference (see QBS session details below). 


    Using Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)

    NC AirTAP conducted a session on “Procurement of Professional Services for Airport Planning and Design using Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)” at the 2016 NC Airports Association conference. The session included presentation by NCDOT Division of Aviation staff and discussion with panelists representing airport directors, the FAA, and the airport consulting industry.


    Aviation Career Training and Certification

    Guilford Technical Community College offers several degree and certificate programs for persons seeking to launch or advance their aviation career. Programs include Aviation Electronics (Avionics) Technology, Aviation Management, Aviation Manufacturing, Aviation Systems Technology, and Career Pilot certification. Visit the GTCC Academic Programs website and search for these program topics to learn more.


    Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Webinars

    Administered by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), ACRP offers free webinars to learn about current research results and topics of interest to airport practitioners. The webinars feature senior airport researchers presenting solutions to issues facing airports. Continuing Education Units are offered by TRB and provided by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

    Follow this link to read about and register for upcoming webinars, and to view recordings of past webinars. Visit for more offerings from ACRP.


    Tom Zajkowski
    NC AirTAP Program Coordinator, ITRE | 919-515-8523

    Eugene Murray
    Communications and Training Coordinator, ITRE | 919-515-8037

    Daniel Findley, P.E.
    Associate Director, ITRE | 919-515-8564

    Amanda Conner
    NCDOT Division of Aviation | 919-814-0590