September 29, 2021

Photo of Kevin HartKevin Hart is an ITRE Program Manager for the statewide Transportation Information Management System (TIMS). Kevin holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Concord University, and a Masters Degree in Applied Social Research from West Virginia University. He began working with the TIMS program at UNC Charlotte in 2008, and started his time at ITRE in September of 2016.

What is Your Expertise?
Kevin is well versed in numerous methods of Research Design and Data Analysis for both quantitative and qualitative research projects. In addition to research design, Kevin continually grows his base of knowledge regarding a comprehensive assessment and understanding of issues related to efficient school bus routing and scheduling throughout North Carolina.

He describes himself as research-based, data-driven, logical, practical, and creative.

Who Are You?
A country guy who hails from West Virginia and loves problem solving.

Why do you like your work
I like helping others and am a good teacher. I enjoy seeing others grow, improve and advance their skill sets and local operations as a whole.

What’s a Fun Fact About Yourself?
I am “Not That” Kevin Hart. The other one is a little bit shorter.

What are Your Favorite Things About ITRE?
The array of transportation experts and general skill sets of staff within the building.

What Can People Ask You About?
Concerts, Yardwork, Kayaking, Outdoor Adventures, His Cats and Dogs

What Inspired You to Enter This Industry?
I am a sociologist, an applied social researcher, and found a good fit with this position at ITRE and the school bus industry overall. My background with computers and data-driven research paired with my case management experience and knowledge of video games made me a natural fit to excel with computerized school bus routing.

How Can People Reach You?

Bus Routing
School Transportation Planning