TIMS Guides

UPTSU – Information about Student Uploads from PowerSchool

Checklist for Uploading Student Data (Updated QRG Coming Soon)

New TIMS Extract from PowerSchool

Links for PowerSchool Coordinators:

  • Instructions for Creating the New Extract
  • Video Demo for Creating the New Extract

Links for TIMS Operators:

Specialized UPSTU Processes and Files:

  • ADDUPD Correcting Street Name Errors during UPSTU (Updated QRG Coming Soon)
  • PSTSTU Applying Zip Codes for Student Address Matching (Updated QRG Coming Soon)

TIMS Transportation Data Import for PowerSchool:

  • Extracting TIMS Data for PowerSchool
  • Importing TIMS Data into PowerSchool

Student Promotions in TIMS – Springtime and Special Projects

PowerSchool Info – Using Official Pre-Transition Data (Preferred) (New QRG Coming Soon)

TIMS Rollover – Promoting by Home Address and School Boundary (Optional) (Updated QRG Coming Soon)

Advanced Searches and Worklists – Grouping Student, Stops, Runs and Route Data

Creating Advanced Searches in eSQL (New QRG Coming Soon)

Creating Worklists in Launchpad TIMS (Updated QRG Coming Soon)

Using Worklists in TIMS Reports and EMU

MARIS – Tasks Related to the TIMS Map (QRGs for Staff that are Geocode Certified)

Adding a New Segment in MARIS (New QRG Coming Soon)

Creating Landmarks (needs updated)

Creating Railroad Crossings and Other Route Hazards (New QRG Coming Soon)

Managing Autostreet Layers in Launchpad TIMS (New QRG Coming Soon)

Managing eSQL Autostreet Layers in GeoServer (Updated QRG Coming Soon)

Schools – Tasks Related to Managing Schools

Updating School Bell Times (Updated QRG Coming Soon)

School Bell Times Worksheet

Adding Grades to a School (New QRG Coming Soon)

Removing Grades from a School (New QRG Coming Soon)

Removing Schools (New QRG Coming Soon)

Relocating Schools (New QRG Coming Soon)