School Bus Stop Arm Law & Enforcement

Operation STOP ARM

Stop arm violation reports have been collected by North Carolina public schools since 1999 and they reveal a persistent problem which exposes school children to danger at bus stops. Visit here to learn how NC is using new camera technology that may reduce these serious offenses and to see actual video of stop arm violations captured by these cameras.

Stop Arm Violation Awareness Posters & Banners


Stop Arm Violation Law Diagram

Stop Arm Violation Statistics Summary

The Bus Stops Here Video

Reducing Illegal Passing of Stopped School Buses (Best practices guidebook from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Stop Arm Report – A Cooperative Program to Reduce Incidents of Vehicles Passing Stopped School Buses in a Coastal Region of North Carolina (2001)


◊ Your School Bus Passenger Stop – Consistency Makes the Difference (6:47 min) (Viewable in Windows Media Player (60MB) or Real Player (4.8MB))

Stop Arm Violation Data

◊ School Bus Illegal Passing Data COLLECTION Form (PDF) or (MS Doc file)

◊ Statewide School Bus Stop Arm Violation Count (coming soon)

◊ Report of violation of School Bus Law (G. S. 20-2 17) (MS Doc file) or (PDF file)

Legislation (House/Senate Bills)

2017 Law (S55) – Authorizes use of Photographic or Video Evidence for the Civil Enforcement of Violations for Passing a Stopped School Bus.

2013 Law (H428) – $500 Minimum Fine; License Revocation for Repeat Offenders

2009 Law (440): Camera & Video evidence may be used to prosecute Stoparm Violations + stiffer Penalties

2007 Law (924): Introduces Class I Felony, Removes the 8″ Signage requirement that defined a school bus, and requires a School Bus be painted yellow.

2006 Law (2880): No Prayer for Judgement (PJC) for Stoparm Violations

2005 Law (1400): Increased Penalty for Stoparm Violations

2001 Law (774): Rental Companies must notify Renters of law forbidding passing a stopped School Bus