Educators, Students, and Families

The North Carolina Department of Instruction works with each local education agency to make sure that all public school students have the opportunity to arrive at school in a safe and efficient manner, ready to start their school day.  This is a cooperative effort between bus drivers, local transportation offices, school administrators, DPI, and, most importantly students and their families.

Your Bus

For issues regarding school buses in your district, please visit Questions about your child’s bus.

Charter Schools

Does your child go to a charter school? Although not overseen by DPI, charter schools are required to have a plan to ensure that transportation is not a barrier for any student, but do not have to provide transportation for every student. For more information, contact your school or see the statewide Office of Charter Schools

Stop for School Buses

When should you stop for a school bus with its stop sign extended? Click here to find out more about school bus stop laws.

Safety Tips

Learn safety tips  for making sure you child is safe waiting for the bus, getting on the bus, sitting on the bus, and leaving the bus. Although school buses are the safest way for students to travel to school, every year there are still tragic accidents. Learn what you can do to help minimize these occurrences.

Seat Belts on School Buses

Students are 70 times more likely to get to school safely on a school bus as opposed to traveling by car. Historically, school buses have achieved this excellent safety record through “compartementalization,” but advances in child restraint technologies have made seat belts a good addition in many circumstances. Click here to learn more about seat belts in school buses.

School Bus Funding

Each day, over 14,000 school buses transport over 800,000 students in North Carolina. Find out how school bus funding works in North Carolina.

Walking and Biking to School

Walking or biking are also great ways for your child to travel to school. Click here for a curriculum to help children learn safe habits. Also, check out  the North Carolina Safe Routes to School Program

Become a School Bus Driver!

Are you interested in becoming a school bus driver? Many districts are actively looking for parents, retired persons, and other members of the community to drive school buses, either full time or part time.  Check with your local district and click here to find out the state requirements .

Poster Contest

Each year, the National School Bus Safety Week Committee conducts a poster contest. National judging takes place in the fall for a poster to be used the following year. This spring, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction is sponsoring a statewide poster contest. Winning entries will be displayed at this website and the top poster from each division will be submitted for the national poster contest.

Other Resources

Click here to find other resources that you might find useful.