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The NC School Bus Surplus system provides an up-to-date listing of all surplussed school buses in North Carolina. All of the features of the system are accessible through the links at the left of the main screen. An explanation of each link is provided below.

In order to purchase one of these vehicles, you should contact the transportation department in the county to see the vehicle. You must provide a certified check or money order for the proper amount, made payable to NC Department of Public Instruction. Transportation staff in that county will transmit your payment to the state office and a copy of the completed “Bus Sale Form-TDE6” will be your bill of sale furnished by the county. Questions? Contact DPI Transportation Services at 919.807-3570.

All Vehicles are sold “As is” and “Where is” with “All Faults” and “No Warranty, Written or Implied”.

[Note: Until the site allows you to scroll through all the buses for sale, you can click here to view the buses on a sortable table]

Search and Sort

You can select different search criteria, such as county, and then run a search for the field you enter. Bus are originally sorted by county name, but you can also sort by different variables using the “Sort by” function.

Bus Number

Each bus has a two-part identification. The first four digits refer to the county of origination and the last four digits refer to the number the county assigned to it. By clicking on this number, you can find out additional information about the bus.