Annual Reporting Requirements (TDTIMS)

TDTIMS for 2020-21 School Year is Delayed until Further Notice. There has been discussion of a possible springtime data collection should LEAs return to more normal operations statewide.

You can find instructions and other helpful information here.

The information submitted in the Annual TDTIMS Report includes data that are used in the transportation funding formula. Specifically students transported must be assigned to stops, runs and routes in order to calculate site characteristics such as the average distance to school for transported students.

If computerized TIMS Routes do not accurately reflect current bus routing operations, then your transportation budget ratings will be incorrect. If TIMS data is incomplete or not updated, state funding could be negatively impacted.

View the Webinar presented by Kevin Hart on October 9, 2019. Covers what TDTIMS is and how to process your data for submission…. click here to watch & listen. Download powerpoint here

Your TDTIMS Information is also used to compare your district to the rest of the state. The Annual Service Indicators Report highlights:

– Average Student Ride Time
– Average of the Longest 5% of Student Ride Times
– Average Distance to School for Students
– Student to Stop Distance
– Earliest AM Pickup and Latest PM Drop-off
– Range of School Start Times
– Average Number of Runs per Route

It is the most comprehensive report of public school transportation services in the nation.

  • Preparing your data for TDTIMS – NT / SQL (2019-2020)
  • Instructions for submitting TDTIMS – NT / SQL (2019-2020)