Today NGAT is a Consortium at NC State University of more than 30 academia, industry, and government members created to provide a research and application-oriented, technology transfer-focused organization for conducting aviation technology development, investigations, and field trials. Through sponsored research and collaborations with consortium members, the NGAT team is developing practical experience using UAS technologies for a wide range services including agriculture (imaging and aerial application), surveying, infrastructure inspection, cargo delivery, and insurance assessments.   NGAT is also supporting state agencies with UAS implementation strategies, integration timelines, and navigating the regulatory and approval processes at the federal and state levels.   Current consortium members represent a variety of industries that are positioning within the UAS industry including OEM airframe manufactures, engineering firms, cybersecurity specialists, legal counsels, and command-and-control technology developers.

NGAT has flight experience with multiple vendor airframes, predominately in the small UAS category (below 55 lbs.) both in fixed and rotary wing formats which are beneficial for domestic commercial operations in the near future. In addition to research flight services, the NGAT’s UAS expertise is available to help organizations select platforms and sensors, understand operational parameters, develop mission profiles, develop data management strategies requirements, and understand the authorization process for conducting UAS operations.   The NGAT team has also directed multiple UAS integration exercises and workshops designed to discover operational, technical, and policy improvements that are needed to accelerate UAS adoption.

As a university consortium, we offer flight and consulting services to support our members.  Whether that is providing a site manager to oversee a research flight under one of our existing COAs (we currently have 20+ approved COAs across the state), or joint development of a new COA for new research, or one-day data capture services under our 333 exemption- services are only available to members.  We use approved consulting service rates to support members wanting to develop a UAS program/team inside their organization. We help use our Best Practices experience to establish SOPs, crew selection criteria, and mission planning principles.   We offer a wide range of services, but only to members.

Download the NGAT By-Laws [PDF] or download the NGAT Membership Agreement [PDF].