WeekMaterial Covered
1Planning and Design Process; Route Classification; Traffic Engineering Data – ADT, AADT, DHV, DDHV, PHF
2Capacity; Level of Service Data and Analysis; Design Speed
3Roadway Elements - Lane Width; Shoulders; Clear Zone; Guardrail Warrants
4Pavement Cross Slopes; Vehicle Dynamics; Adjusting Superelevation Rate
5Superelevation Runoff Length; Vertical Curves and Maximum Grades
6Stopping, Decision, and Passing Sight Distance; Crest and Sag Vertical Curve and Horizontal Curve Lengths for Stopping Sight Distance
7Intersection Design and Operation – Channelization, Sight Distance, Turning Radii and Turning Lane Warrants
8Interchanges – Types, Vertical Separation, Spacing, Ramp Design
9Final Exam Review
10Final Exam