TLDP participants working collaboratively on a final group project to be implemented outside the classroom.

The Public Transportation Group at ITRE has partnered with Virginia W. Blair to provide a dynamic leadership program designed to give transportation professionals an opportunity to significantly improve their decision-making and leadership skills. It provides a framework for each participant to shape his or her own unique leadership style. Participants have been graduating from Transportation Leadership Development for more than ten years. This program is designed specifically for transit professionals in North Carolina and the neighboring states. This 12-week program combines self-study materials and seminars. During the course of study, participants work through exercises that promote a deeper understanding of effective decision-making, employee motivation, teamwork, and practical applications of creative ideas. The course is very application-oriented, giving students an array of activities and practices that can be immediately implemented within their organizations. Each student must design and implement a project for their organization that makes improvements in a key area. Each class also works as a team to design and implement a group project that benefits the participating organizations. One of the strengths of the course is the ability to work with a variety of transportation professionals. The course participants include individuals within large urban and community transportation organizations, those employed by states and municipalities and those employed by transit services contractors, individuals in administrative, management, and technical positions. The overview of transportation services throughout the state, and in neighboring states provides participants with an appreciation for the “big picture” of mobility opportunities and challenges.


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“I would like to say again, how much I enjoyed meeting and working with you both and my new extended family of fellow TLDP participants…  I had many evenings and weekends “fussing” over the workbook, wanting to know “how I feel” about ideas, situations, and decisions….lol.  But after completing the workshops and exercises, I have such a better understanding of how I utilize my own thinking processes and make decisions.  Likewise, I’ve learned areas where I can make improvements and consider how others living in different quadrants of the personality profiles might be processing the same information and making their decisions from a whole different aspect.”

-Tim Taylor
Manager of Technology Infrastructure
Charlotte Area Transit System

I have been truly blessed by the opportunity to attend the Transportation Leadership Development Program with You and Kai in leadership. What a wonderful experience at an appointed time with the appointed teammates. I have learned and grown through this experience. I believe that this was just another beginning point for me in my life-learning process. The interesting thing about this program is that it will never actually be over… the learning, the relationships, and the benefits will certainly be ongoing.

-Karen L. Tinsley
Human Resource Mgr. / Civil Rights Adm.

“Oh, in those three days it was a world of difference. [spoken fast, excited] I came back to my current job now and I was like ‘we need to do this, we need to do this’. ‘Oh, by the way, here is something that I learned, let me show it to all you guys.’ I did bring the tools back to the work environment.”

-Participant 1

“Instead of just jumping in,… I’ve found myself trying to be a little more analytical than I would have been in looking at the problem and thinking about it instead of just getting on fire and jumping into it… I’m even like that in my personal life. It [TLDP]gave me that perspective to… slow down and go, ‘ok, …there’s different ways to approach it’.”

-Participant 2

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