Now a days with the increase in the complexity of different transportation and traffic analyses and methodologies, the need for software tools are inevitable. Moreover, by emerging different data sources that contain high resolution data that are needed to perform a number of analysis, the use of generic applications such as Excel and etc. are infeasible. ITRE has been taking the lead in developing, updating, housing and maintaining several software packages to make such analysis feasible. One main category of the software tools that ITRE has developed are HCM based computational engines. FREEVAL and STREETVAL are two main computational engines that perform Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) analysis for freeways and urban streets analyses respectively. Beside these, a number of other computational engines are developed in ITRE for more customized type of analysis. As an example, ARTVAL is a computational engine developed for NCDOT to perform work zone analysis in the arterial streets. Other instances are tools developed to assist decision maker to carry on benefit costs analysis for different transportation solutions. ITRE has also developed tools for training such as FREEVAL-DSS for training TMC operators.