Sample HEC Curriculum

1Transportation PlanningInterchange Prototype
2-3Horizontal AlignmentHorizontal Realignment of a State Highway
4-5Highway DesignDesign of Ramp and Loop Interchange
6Vertical AlignmentVertical Profiles - Highway, Ramp, and Loop
7-8 Geotechnical EngineeringSoil Classification, Testing, and Settlement
9-10StaticsHighway Bridge Loading
11-12Strength of MaterialsBridge Beam Design and Selection
13-14Structure Design Sizing Steel Plate Girders
15-16Hydraulic EngineeringStormwater Runoff Collection Design
17-18Traffic OperationsSignalized Intersection Phasing and Coordination



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Started in 1985, the Highway Engineering Concepts (HEC) course is a live eighteen-week class that meets once a week during the fall semester (July to December) in either Raleigh or Statesville, North Carolina. Intended for Fundamental Engineering Principles (FEP) Program graduates, HEC reviews and reinforces FEP course content through a project-based curriculum designed to apply engineering principles to real-world transportation engineering projects (note: FEP Mathematics, Physics, and Horizontal and Vertical Alignment are minimal pre-requisites for HEC).

Why HEC?