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How do I become a Master Roads Scholar?

Master Roads Scholar LogoThe third level of recognition is the Master Roads Scholar  program.  To become a Master Roads Scholar, one must complete the requirements of Advanced Roads Scholar and then complete 6 of the courses listed below and write a case study which focuses on a local transportation project.  All training sessions offered by NC LTAP can be taken in any order, at any level, at any time, however, the requirements for Roads Scholar and Advanced Roads Scholar must be met first.   


Master Roads Scholar Courses:


Master Roads Scholar Case Study

The required Case Study should document a transportation project recently completed (within the last three years) in your local area or region of the state. You must submit your project for approval by NCLTAP prior to preparing the case study.

The following outline can be used as a guide for the case study. Additionally, students are welcome to download this rubic. Master Road Scholar Case Study Rubric

  1. Introduction
    a. Describe the background of the project. Why is it needed? What is wrong with the current system or condition?
    b. Who is affected by the project, what are the challenges and what are the benefits of this project?
  2. The Project/Methodology 
    a. Describe the magnitude of the project. This may include length, quantities, and costs.
    b. What steps were taken to complete the project?
    c. What challenges were encountered with the project? Do you consider this project a success and why?
  3. Reflection/Lessons Learned
    a. What did you learn from this project?
    b. How can you use this knowledge in your career?

Upon completion of the Master Roads Scholar Program, participants receive the following:


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For questions about the Master Roads Scholar program, contact:

Bill Woods, Program Coordinator

919-515-8033 |