June 22, 2022

The June-December 2022 NC LTAP schedule is now available for registration. This schedule has both in person and online classes available, so you can pick classes accordingly.

Course descriptions and a calendar view are available on the LTAP Training page. If you have any questions or want to register via email, please contact Bill Woods or Kate Davison.

DateClassRoads Scholar LevelCostLocationRegistration
June 15, 2022Asphalt Pavement MaintenanceRS$150ArchdaleRegister
June 16, 2022, 8am – 12pmMaintenance & Repair of Utility CutsRS$100ArchdaleRegister
July 12-14, 2022, 1-3pmBasic Concepts of SupervisionRS$150ONLINERegister
July 14, 2022Excavation SafetyRS$150JacksonvilleRegister
July 21, 2022Erosion ControlARS$150ConcordRegister
July 28, 2022Basic Math for Transportation PersonnelRS$100RaleighRegister
August 8-9, 8:30-11:30am, 2022Basic Drainage/Roadway MaintenanceRS$150ONLINERegister
August 9, 2022Trenching Competent PersonRS$175RaleighRegister
August 16-18, 1-3pm, 2022Management Techniques for Experienced ManagersARS$150ONLINERegister
August 17-18, 2022OSHA 10 Hour Safety TrainingARS$175CharlotteRegister
August 23, 2022Basic Work Zone InstallerRS$150HickoryRegister
August 24, 2022Intermediate Work Zone Safety TrainingRS$175HickoryRegister
September 7, 2022Silica's New Standard - Strategies for Municipal ComplianceARS$175JacksonvilleRegister
September 6-8, 2022Work Zone Traffic Control SupervisorARS$450CharlotteRegister
September 13, 2022Snow & Ice ControlRS$175High PointRegister
September 14, 2022Basic Concepts of SupervisionRS$150RaleighRegister
September 15, 2022Erosion ControlARS$150RaleighRegister
September 20, 2022Introduction to Unmanned AircraftMRS$150RaleighRegister
September 21, 2022Management Techniques for Experienced SupervisorsARS$150RaleighRegister
September 22, 2022Flagger TrainingRS$100RaleighRegister
September 27, 2022Work Zone Supervisor RecertificationARS$175CharlotteRegister
September 28, 2022Communicating with the Public and MediaMRS$150RaleighRegister
October 3, 9am-4pm, 2022Advanced Computers: Practical ApplicationsARS$150RaleighRegister
October 5, 2022Trenching Competent PersonARS$175Mint HillRegister
October 10-11, 8:30-11:30am, 2022Basic Drainage/Roadway MaintenanceRS$150ONLINERegister
October 19, 2022Snow & Ice ControlRS$175HendersonvilleRegister
October 19, 2022Basic Work Zone InstallerRS$150RaleighRegister
October 20, 2022Intermediate Work Zone Safety TrainingRS$175RaleighRegister
October 20, 2022Managing Conflict with the Public and EmployeesRS$150HickoryRegister
October 21, 2022Soils FundamentalsRS$150RaleighRegister
October 24, 9am – 4pm,2022Asset Management for Transportation PersonnelMRS$150RaleighRegister
October 26-27, 2022OSHA 10 Hour Safety TrainingARS$175RaleighRegister
October 31, 2022Road Safety 365: A Safety Workshop for Local GovernmentRS$150CharlotteRegister
November 1, 2022How to Keep Yourself and Your Agency out of CourtARS$150RaleighRegister
November 2, 2022Road Safety 365: A Safety Workshop for Local GovernmentRS$150RaleighRegister
November 3, 2022ADA in Temporary Traffic ControlRS$100RaleighRegister
November 4, 2022Road Safety FundamentalsRS$150HendersonvilleRegister
November 7, 2022Trenching Competent PersonARS$175RaleighRegister
November 9, 2022Snow & Ice ControlRS$175RaleighRegister
November 15, 2022Concrete: What, When & HowRS$175JacksonvilleRegister
November 15, 2022Productive Team BuildingMRS$150RaleighRegister
November 17, 2022Fall ProtectionARS$150RaleighRegister
November 29 – December 1, 2022Emergency ManagementMRS$150ONLINERegister
December 7, 2022Basic Work Zone InstallerRS$150RaleighRegister
December 7, 2022Confined Space Entry and Lockout/TagoutARS$175JacksonvilleRegister
December 8, 2022Intermediate Work Zone InstallerRS$175RaleighRegister
December 9, 2022Work Zone Supervisor RecertificationARS$175RaleighRegister
December 13, 2022Silica New Standard: Strategies for Municipal ComplianceARS$175CharlotteRegister
December 13-15, 2022Work Zone Traffic Control SupervisorARS$450RaleighRegister
December 16, 2022Flagger TrainingRS$100RaleighRegister