Microtransit is an emerging public transportation mode that promises on-demand flexibility that many traditional transit models are unable to match. While microtransit can improve access to mobility in unserved and underserved areas, it can also impact affordability and accessibility–and guidance for planning and implementation is currently lacking.

We partnered with the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering to conduct a microtransit study for NCDOT that examined the experience of the public agencies in North Carolina that have implemented microtransit systems, culminating in a pioneering report and collection of fact sheets that contribute to an improved understanding of the costs, advantages, and current challenges of microtransit.

Public Microtransit Pilots in the State of North Carolina: Operational Characteristics, Costs, and Lessons Learned

January 2023


PI: Dr. Eleni Bardaka, Assistant Professor, NCSU
Co-PI: Dr. Kai Monast, Associate Director, ITRE
Graduate research assistants: Subid Ghimire, Juan Wang
ITRE researchers: John Wright, Jeremy Scott

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Microtransit Report Cover

System Summary Fact Sheets

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