January 5, 2024

Several members of the ITRE team, along with our NC State faculty partners, are participating in TRB 2024:

Posters and Presentations

Presenter(s)TitlePoster or LecternDateTimePresentation NumberLocation
Chris CunninghamSafety Evaluation of Conversion from a Conventional Signalized Intersection to a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI)PosterMon 1/810:15a-12pTRBAM-24-04338Convention Center, Hall A
Chris CunninghamDevelopment of a Crash Modification Factor for Conversion of a Conventional Signalized Intersection to a Continuous Flow Intersection--North Carolina DOTPosterMon 1/81:30-3:15pP24-20045Convention Center, Hall A
Kai Monast, Jeremy Scott, Jonah Freedman, Tim BrockMedicaid Transformation and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in North Carolina Initial Experiences for Coordinated Public TransportationPosterMon 1/81:30-3:15pTRBAM-24-00269Convention Center, Hall A
Kai MonastEvaluating the Effectiveness of Automated Scheduling at Rural Transit Agencies in North CarolinaPosterMon 1/81:30-3:15pTRBAM-24-00378Convention Center, Hall A
Danjue ChenDifference in Commercial Adaptive Cruise Control Car-Following Behavior and How to Overcome Calibration ChallengesPosterMon 1/86-7:30pTRBAM-24-05668Convention Center, Hall A
Chris CunninghamImproving Pedestrain Mobility at Continuous Flow IntersectionsPosterTue 1/91:30-3:15pTRBAM-24-05558Convention Center, Hall A
Jeremy Scott, Kai Monast, Jonah Freedman, Narmina MurphyLocating and Costing Congestion for School Buses and Public TransportationLecternTue 1/93:45-5:30pTRBAM-24-02636Convention Center, 144AB
Tanmay Das, Shoaib Samandar, Dan Harris, Nagui Rouphail, Billy WilliamsRegularized Stacked, Long Short-Term Memory, Car-Following Model for Autonomous Vehicles in Mixed TrafficPosterTue 1/96-7:30pTRBAM-24-04035Convention Center, Hall A
Tanmay Das, Shoaib Samandar, Dan Harris, Nagui Rouphail, Billy WilliamsData-Driven Modeling of Autonomous Vehicle Car-Following Considering Mixed Traffic: A Comparison of Different Long Short-Term Based Deep Neural Network ModelsPosterTue 1/96-7:30pTRBAM-24-04405Convention Center, Hall A
Danjue ChenComparing the Lane-Changing Execution Behavior of Human-Driven and Autonomous Vehicles: Evidence from the Waymo Data SetPosterWed 1/108-9:45aTRBAM-24-02167Convention Center, Hall A

Committees, Subcommittees, and Workshops

NameCommittee / Subcommittee / Workshop NameRoleDateTimeLocation
Kai MonastRural, Intercity Bus, and Specialized Transportation (AP055)MemberMon 1/88a-12pMarriott Marquis, Capitol (M4)
Joy DavisSchool Transportation and Planning Research poster sessionPresidingMon 1/86-7:30pConvention Center, Hall A
Billy WilliamsStanding Committee on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Applications (AED50) MeetingMemberMon 1/81:30-5:30pMarriott Marquis, Liberty Salon L (M4)
Chris VaughanStanding Committee on Highway Traffic MonitoringMemberMon 1/81:30-5:30pMarriott Marquis, M2, Salon 12
Steve BertStanding Committee on Economic Development and Land UseCommunications Coordinator (Member)Mon 1/83:45p-5:30pMarriott Marquis, Archives (M4)
Chris VaughanBicycle and Pedestrian Data SubcommitteeFriendMon 1/86-7:30pMarriott Marquis, M2, Salon 7 & 8
Joy DavisSchool Transportation Subcommittee, ACS10(3)ChairTue 1/910:15a-12pMarriott Marquis, Mount Vernon Square (M3)
Joy DavisStanding Committee on Transportation Safety Management Systems (ACS10) MeetingMemberWed 1/108a-12pMarriott Marquis, Marquis Salon 12 (M2)
Chris CunninghamStanding Committee on Access Management (ACP60) MeetingMemberWed 1/108a-12pMarriott Marquis, Marquis Salon 9 (M2)
Joy DavisStanding Committee on Access Management (ACP60) MeetingMemberWed 1/108a-12pMarriott Marquis, Marquis Salon 9 (M2)
Kai MonastIntercity Bus Subcommittee (AP055)ChairWed 1/1010:15a-12pMarriott Marquis, Marquis Mint (M4)