The primary goal of this research effort was to explore the wide variety of uses of LiDAR technology and to evaluate their applicability to NCDOT practices. NCDOT can use this information about LiDAR in determining how and when the technology can be used most effectively. In addition to saving time and staff resources, LiDAR provides other added values such as improved safety, increased efficiency, and greater detail. The applications detailed in this report provide NCDOT with valuable information that serves the stated goals of NCDOT through applications of LiDAR. The research products developed as a result of this research project are included in this report which documents the following research products that will be useful for NCDOT: a literature review of LiDAR state of the practice across the nation, concise one-page summaries of a variety of transportation and non-transportation applications, summaries of LiDAR discussions with NCDOT units, and survey results from state transportation agencies about their specific use of LiDAR.