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Wake County Schools shares videos in schools for bus conduct and safety campaign

Wake County Public Schools elementary students, assistant principals and bus drivers worked together during November to create a Transportation safety campaign to use in WCPSS elementary schools. The students and bus drivers recorded a series of short videos that focus on two important messages:

1) students should be safe at the bus stop and boarding/leaving the bus

2) students should be good bus riders

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Stop Arm Violation Awareness

 last updated January, 2015


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 The Bus Stops Here.. And So Should You!

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NCPTA - North Carolina Pupil Transportation Association

Stop Arm Violation Awareness Posters

School Bus Safety Web

NASDPTS - National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services

February 9-13:
Love the bus / School Bus Driver Appreciation Week
March 18:
Stop Arm Violation Count
State ROADeo Finals, Raleigh, NC
June 22-26:
NCPTA Transposium, AshevilleJuly 12-15:
Southeastern States Pupil Transportation Conference,
Fort Worth, Texas
July 18-19:
International Driving Competition, Minneapolis, MN
September 21-25:
2015 Student Ridership Count
October 15-25:
NC State Fair
October 15:
TD2, TD2R, TD24 due to DPI Transportation Services
October 19-23:
National School Bus Safety Week
November 2:
TD-TIMS Due to DPI and TIMS Project Leader

November 4-5:- New Directors / Transportation Personnel Training, DPI, Raleigh Registration Form, New Directors Agenda & Inventory Session Agenda