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The FHWA Environmental Research Program (ERP) Projects Database tracks and documents active and completed research from 1990 to 2001 that has been funded by FHWA ERP.
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FHWA Environmental Program Area:  Research is listed under the Environmental Program Area that funded the project.  To find all projects on a topic or issue (such as environmental justice), use the keyword search box above.

Search Tips:
  • To see all projects in the database, type an asterisk (*) in the keyword search box.
  • Use one or more of the dialog boxes, in any combination. For example, search just the project status using the pull-down menu to select just complete or ongoing projects.
  • To combine words or phrases within the same dialog box use these symbols:   / (forward slash) for OR, & (ampersand) for AND, ! (exclamation) for NOT.
  • Use the * (asterisk) for right truncation to search singular, plural and variations of a word. (Example: impact* will search for impact, impacts, impacting...)
  • Remember to reset the search screen before typing a new search strategy.

Alternate access: Instead of searching the database, view ERP projects listed by Environmental Program Area.

Contact Dr. Constance Hill, Federal Highway Administration, with questions about the FHWA Environmental Research Program.
For information on ordering published materials, please see ordering information in the detailed records of your search results.

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