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             Conference Papers and Presentations

CTE staff present at conferences and workshops throughout the country particularly those that strive to integrate transportation with enhancements to livability, developments in sustainability, and improvements in public safety. Slides, handouts, and/or video from these presentations are made available whenever possible. CTE also sponsors a variety of environment-related conferences and workshops.


Making Progress: Transportation Planners and Programmers Turn Ideas into Reality
May 23-25, 2012, Denver, CO

  • Establishing Signposts and How to Use Them - Leigh Lane, Senior Research Associate

91st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
January 22-26, 2012, Washington, DC
Conference Website

Conference Presentations:

  • Defining Community Context in the Transportation Project Planning and Development Process - Lee Lane, Senior Research Associate; Ann Hartell, Research Associate
  • Institutionalizing Sustainability at the State Department of Transportation Level: A Quantitative Assessment of Transportation Sustainability Plan Quality - Ann Hartell, Research Associate; Ted Mansfield, Research Assistant
  • Intersection of Health and Transportation: What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and How We Can Better Integrate Health Considerations into Transportation Decisions - Lee Lane, Senior Research Associate (moderator)
  • Planning for Resilient Communities: Identifying Critical Infrastructure Links and Measuring Systemwide Performance Under Storm Hazard Conditions - Downey Brill, Director; Ann Hartell, Research Associate
  • Social and Economic Factors of Transportation in International Contexts - Ann Hartell, Research Associate (moderator)

Eighth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability
January 10-12, 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Conference Website

  • Place-Based Sustainability Assessment: A Decision-Support Framework - Ted Mansfield, Research Assistant


Vienna Workshop on Sustainable Development for Doctoral Students
November 23-14, 2011, Vienna, Austria

  • Institutionalizing Sustainability within State Departments of Transportation: An Evaluation of Current Practice - Ann Hartell, Research Associate
    • This presentation described the current policy environment in the US transportation sector with respect to sustainability and presented results of an analysis of the quality of state DOT sustainability plans that assess the current state of the sustainability planning at DOTs.
    • Presentation File (PDF:3.91MB)

Delaware Bypass CSS Workshop
September 13, 2011, Dover, DE

  • Finding Common Ground through Context Discovery - Leigh Lane, Senior Research Associate

Conference on Performance Measures for Transportation and Livable Communities
September 7-8, 2011, Austin, TX
Conference Website

  • Using Performance Measures/Indicators to Calculate the Triple Bottom Line - Leigh Lane, Senior Research Associate
    • This presentation wove together findings from two research projects to showcase the relationship between performance measures that deliver sustainable and livable outcomes and the calculation of triple bottom line results for transportation investments.
    • Presentation File (PDF:1.6MB)

90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
January 23-27, 2011, Washington, DC
Conference Website

Conference Presentations:

  • Getting CSS of the Ground: FHWA's Technical Assistance - Leigh Blackmon Lane, Senior Research Associate
  • Improving Public Outreach for Transportation Projects by Use of Citizen Coalitions - Leigh Blackmon Lane, Senior Research Associate
  • Livability in the Transportation Context - Leigh Blackmon Lane, Senior Research Associate


ASCE-NC Section Annual Meeting
September 30, 2010, Asheville, NC

  • The CSS National Dialog: A Conversation About Flexible Design - Ann Hartell, Research Associate

89th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board
January 10-14, 2010, Washington, DC
Conference Website

  • CSS National Dialog: Highlighting Connections Between Transportation and Communities - James Martin, Associate Director; Ann Hartell, Research Associate
  • Title VI, EnvironmentalJustice, and Limited-English Proficiency Effective Practices - Leigh Blackmon Lane, Senior Research Associate
  • Raleigh's Art-on-the-Move Program: Leveraging an Existing Program, Building Interagency Partnerships, and Coping with Local Regulatory Constraints - Ann Hartell, Research Associate
    • Public art programs provide venues for artists to present their work and build awareness of the arts in general in a community. Combining public art with public transit can provide symbiotic benefits to the local arts community and to the transit agency: installations connected with public transit can be delivered to a broad cross-section of the community while the artwork can play a role in improving the visibility and image of a transit agency and of transit more generally. While the cost, complexity, and space requirements for a large-scale public art program may be out of reach for many cities and smaller transit agencies, there are alternative strategies that can effectively accomplish many of the aims of the transit agency and the arts community. This paper presents a case study of the Art-On-The-Move program in Raleigh, North Carolina. Art-On-The-Move is a partnership between the city bus transit provider, Capital Area Transit System (CATS), and the city arts office, the Raleigh Arts Commission. Established in 2007, the program displays original artwork by local artists as vinyl wraps on city buses. The case study demonstrates how a transit agency can leverage an existing bus advertising program to establish a public art in transit program, despite strict local and state regulations. It also provides an example of interagency working relationships that can lay a foundation for an expanded public art-in-transit program in the future. Additional information.
  • Workshop: The Role of Integrated Planning in Developing Sustainable Transportation Strategies - Leigh Blackmon Lane, Senior Research Associate


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